Ultras Special Agent

Tug Hill Commando x Up Hyre Serene Topic



Height: 14.3
Color: bay
Foaled: 1999
Standing at: Ultra Morgans
Owner: Steve & Annette Smith
Contact Phone: 419.822.5724
Contact E-Mail: ultraspecial@gmail.com

I think we can safely say that this young stallion has established himself as a Morgan sire of In-Hand Champions! 

He stamps out exquisite and consistently pretty foals with his signature--the length of poll! The hinge allows his get to break over and give us that bridle we all strive for. 

In 2004, Ultras Special Agent made his mark at Morgan Grand Nationals. As his Get mature, we see them in the performance classes and what a mark they are making. 

At OKC, Ultras Special Agent Get were successful in the 3 year old Park division, the 2 year old Park division, the Jr. classic division and of course, In Hand. Agent is producing size, talent, confirmation, beauty and heart! What more could you ask from a breeding stallion.