Equinox Heir Of Courage

Courage of Equinox x Equinox Aristokate

SSA Contract

Height: 15.1
Color: Chestnut
Foaled: 2002
Standing at: East of Equinox Farm
Owner: East of Equinox Farm
Contact Phone: 802-362.2286
Contact E-Mail: eqnxmrgn@vermontel.net

Equinox Heir of Courage is the last son and “heir” to the dynasty of the incomparable Courage of Equinox, the Morgan breed’s most prolific sire.  Courage of Equinox produced more registered offspring than any stallion in the history of the breed, and has offspring all over the world; U.S., Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, Holland, and Australia.

Heir’s dam, the black and beautiful Equinox Aristokate (Equinox Benn Adam x Equinox Katydid) was the last daughter of East of Equinox Farm’s best producing mare. Equinox Katydid bred to Courage of Equinox produced great individual and champions such as Equinox Cicada, Equinox Ladybug, Equinox Georgia Kate, Equinox Copy Kate, Equinox Perfection, Equinox Sensation, Equinox Sophistikate, Equinox Kiss Me Kate, Equinox Magnifikate, etc.--the list goes on and on.  Equinox Aristokate was Katydid’s only offspring by the legendary Bennfield’s Ace son Equinox Benn Adam!

Heir wowed the crowd at the 2015 NY Morgan Regional Horse Show, winning 5 and over Stallion, Senior Champion Stallion, and Reserve Grand Champion Stallion honors!  He has also been a NEMHS champion in harness! His offspring exhibit his great Morgan type in the Courage tradition with beautiful heads, great temperament, and tremendous athletic ability.

Equinox Heir of Courage through his dam represents the best of the golden crosses to Courage of Equinox!  Katydid was the best individual cross to Courage, and the Benn Adam Daughters bred to Courage is the backbone of East of Equinox Farm’s breeding program.  Heir is the last son of Courage to embody both of these elements.  This is why he is the “Heir of Courage!”

Heir is the sire of the 2017 Weanling Sweepstakes Champion, Talkin Smack and the 2018 Weanling Sweepstates REserve Champion Equinox Heir Apparent.